This is the chaos you face when you have twins

Twins may offer twice the fun and cuteness, they also create double as much chaos. Here are some of the most hilarious and  frustrating twin-moments. 

Let’s get one thing straight right away:I love being mom to twins. To be witness to twin-shenanigans and the unique bond they continue to develop is very special. That does not mean that it’s all fun, games, cutesy, cuddly fun every day. Have you ever heard of Twin Escalation Syndrome? This is a phenomenon whereby two children of the same age tend to copy and amplify each other’s moods and behaviours, especially tantrums, bouts of crying, being naughty but also resourcefulness. 
Together they stand and will present a united front, as it were. In that sense, twins do not crave their parents’ approval as much as a single child typically might. And it is for that reason that households with twins can turn into utter chaos in the blink of an eye. The parents of the twins pictured below know a thing or two about that!

Janneke Jonkman

Janneke is the face behind My Little Dutch Diary. She's a writer and a mother of twins.

‘You said: dessert when you finish your plate’

Ciara van Exem

‘It wasn’t us’


‘Step aside Bob Ross- we got this’


‘We present: throw up Thursday’


‘Finally getting the hang of this Marie Kondo thing’

Anne Zonderop

‘I told you this was a bad idea’

Marlon Lemmen

Uhm... this is not quite what we meant when we talked about babysitting


‘Dude, where's my yoghurt?’


Dad: ‘Ok, daddy’s going to the pub to watch the football. You’ll be ok, right?’ Us:


‘I asked for a baby sister, not a fanclub’

Charlotte Beukers

‘I’m telling you: wearing a ponytail takes days off your real age’


Introducing the new hard rock band: twins ’n roses


Breaking records and arms in a single week

Patty Manders

‘Dad, we cleaned up after your visit. You’re welcome’ 


‘…And IIIIIIIIIIIIII….will always love yououououou!!’


‘We made an anti-burglar system all by ourselves’


‘No one was really attached to this couch anyway, right?’


‘Umm Keith, a quick word. I did not say all white. I said all RIGHT’

‘We didn’t think this through’


‘We are playing Autumn’


‘Hey, dad, I think I’ve found that yellow Lego piece we’ve been looking for’


‘Do you think two bottles of bath foam was enough?’

Manon Keijsper

‘They forgot about the milk’


‘Not now, mom. We haven’t finished our beauty sleep yet’

Francis Bolle

‘Love the calendar mom - although we did have to change the order of the months’

Linda Verschoor

‘Beautiful mosaic, if I do say so myself’

Laurien Gybels

‘This floor definitely needs soms moisturizing’

Kelly van der Vecht

‘I told you: no pictures please’

Janine Elferink

‘You were right, this does take years off our age’


‘What do you think, will mommy notice?’


‘Finally some privacy’


‘What a nice and quiet Sunday morning’


‘I sat here first!’


‘Did I say something wrong?’

Kim van Deursen

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