About Janneke Jonkman

Life as I knew it was forever and profoundly changed when I gave birth to twins. For the better, I hasten to add. Still, it would have been so helpful to have had even just a bit of guidance. On how to keep my cool amidst utter chaos or how to be there for others without losing sight of myself and my needs. So, knowing firsthand how good that would have been, I am here to offer you support, guidance, hope and perspective through my blogs, my posts on Instagram and in my twin book ‘O jee, het zijn er twee’ (Dutch only).

As a creative writing coach, I have made it my mission to inspire others to take their writing to a next level, get the most out of it personally and creatively because I strongly believe that the process of writing can contribute to leading a more fulfilled life.

I graduated with Honors in Dutch Literature, published four novels and wrote the script for a Dutch movie. I also worked as an editor for (Dutch) magazines Happinez, Yoga Magazine, Libelle and Viva. These days I mostly write about (twin-) motherhood. I want to make my fellow moms -you- laugh and think but also remind you that you don’t have to do it all on your own. We all have to re-invent the wheel in our own way and our own specific circumstances but often face the same struggles and challenges. I am convinced the world will be an even better place if we help each other.

Teaching creative writing to my Dutch students