Why the corona virus is (also) a blessing for this world 

Why are we currently facing the corona crisis? The deeper, spiritual meaning of the coronavirus explained and what we can (and must) do to get through this crisis and give it a positive spin.

I will start this blog with an introduction to provide some background information. 11 years ago, I started to write down intuitive messages. I would write down a question and the answer followed immediately, through my hand-held pen on paper, without conscious thoughts intervening. As the messages were always told from a ‘we-perspective’, I started calling them ‘angel messages’. If angels are not your thing, by all means attribute those messages to me. I’ve been reluctant to share them, but because of the current widespread fear concerning COVID-19 and the corona virus that causes it, I decided to share the messages on this particular topic. I will first share part of the words I wrote down on 3 January last about the year 2020 in general, followed by parts of the messages (this is a short version of my Dutch blog) I wrote down earlier about the coronavirus such as why this is happening now and what we can and must do to overcome this crisis and use our insights as the days progress to create some good. 

(By the way, please do make sure you follow the advice of your government as regards the coronavirus and COVID-19 at all times.)

3rd of January

What kind of year will 2020 be in general?

2020 will be a year of deep purification, in which many old structures and patterns will prove to be unsustainable and possibly collapse. In some cases this happens on a small scale, in other cases on a larger scale. Only those elements that are completely pure, or at least come from pure intentions, have a chance to fully blossom.
This will also be a special time for your finances and it’s important to not be attached to money, but rather fully trust your own potential. It is this value that will keep its worth, so don’t be afraid you will ever lose anything. People who are afraid of fiancial loss might indeed experience loss, but this is only temporary, until they discover for themselves what really matters in this world. 

12th of March

Why are we currently experiencing this Corona virus / COVID-19 crisis?

As we said before, many old structures will start to fall apart and this virus is one of the ways that trigger this process. In the end it will make many people aware of what really matters, urging people to live from their hearts more. Many people live like they will never die and make choices they regret shortly before leaving this world because of that. Because of this virus, a new way of reflection arises and many people will take their first steps towards changing their lives. 

Furthermore, companies and existing structures will be challenged and money will be one of them. Don’t be afraid you will lose everything, because everything that has been manifested out of pure intentions will stay strong and only blossom more. Whatever is manifested out of greed will start to collapse in the coming years. This might sound like the downfall of the world economy but is in fact the rescue of Earth. The concept of having to make more profit every year will start to vanish and slowly people will start realizing enough is, in fact, enough.
This does not actually involve people who have died from this virus. In that: their souls chose to leave anyway, but since a large number of souls are passing on in the same way, it triggers a huge reaction.

Meanwhile, what you can do, besides staying healthy, is to frequently ask yourself if your every day actions come from your heart or not. If you’re doing things because you ‘have to’, or because you think it’s what people expect or because you’re afraid you will be out of money otherwise, this is the time to change. Maybe not from one day to the next, but slowly, so that you can let go safely. In all of your actions, put your hands on your heart and ask yourself the question: what would love do? Stay true to yourself, don’t compare yourself to others and live a pure, loving life in which you inspire others with your unique talent.

Realize this virus is in fact not our enemy, but our friend. Although it now creates physical distance between people and unfortunately comes with loss, it will eventually lead to people (re-) connecting much more because it will create a network of love and light. The collective fear for death is the ultimate way to make people aware of their hearts’ desires and the urge to live by those. Long repressed light energy will now be shared by more and more people, simply because they feel time is running out. Remember: the night is always darkest just before sunrise.  

Is hoarding groceries necessary?

The fear of shortage is exactly what led to the shortage of supplies in stores. Creating a little stock as a buffer is natural behavior when times are tough, but in the last decades, this pattern of behavior became grotesque, creating an illusion of safety. As soon as that illusion of safety shatters, there won’t be any more scarcity. Collecting more stuff than you need, whether it’s groceries or something else, doesn’t cause abundance, but the exact opposite. If you feel a strong urge to hoard, ask yourself where this comes from and what it is exactly that you fear. Facing your deepest fears is the best way to let go of them. Also, take a fair look at your possessions: have you collected more things than you use or need? The more you are willing to let go of unnecessary things, the less fear of shortage you will experience. And that, in turn, will help you create the abundance you want in your life.  

What to do when you are infected with the coronavirus?

Apart from resting, drinking lots of water and eating healthily, every disease offers an opportunity to reflect on what doesn’t serve you anymore. Whether it be certain foods, old habits, fears, patterns, relationships, activities - it could be anything. It’s important you don’t judge yourself for being sick or potentially having contaminated others. Self-love is important for soonest recovery, so tell yourself dozens of times a day: ‘I’m worthy and I have a unique mission in this world.’ Your soul will be excited about this invitation to live more fully and your bodys’ response will be to heal quicker. 

Do we have to close our schools?

For you to feel safe, we can see why you do. But it’s surprising that the policy of your governments is aimed at keeping large companies running and closing schools. As said before this virus is spreading because of and by (usually larger) companies which are not valuing their employees and the environment. How many of your products aren’t ‘made in China’ under bad working conditions? In fact, this created the circumstances the virus could develop in China first. If you really want to create a change, managers of the larger, less sincere companies should take a look at their company policy and intentions and should stop the race for more and bigger at the extense of their employees and the environment. Even small first steps taken will immediately lead to a reduction of the virus spread. 

Lastly, have faith and if you feel panicked, reread these words, to be reminded of what you can do and inspire others to do the same.

Janneke Jonkman

Janneke is the face behind My Little Dutch Diary and writer of several novels and the twin book 'O jee, het zijn er twee'.

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