Twin names you’ll love for twins born 2021

Finding matching baby names for your twins can be so hard! That’s why I made a list of 80 cute twin names for girls, boys and boy and girl twins that fit well together - but are still both unique.

‘But we don’t have matching names yet!’ was one of the first things I yelled to my husband when we found out we were having twins. It felt like such a creative challenge to come up with good names that would match but would still emphasize the uniqueness of both of our children. It took us months, but we succeeded and since our twins were born I’ve come up with so many cool matching twin baby names I thought I would share my 80 favorite twin names with you. I’ve paired them up into names for boy twins, girl twins and boy girl twins. Good to note that, since I’m Dutch, there are some Dutch names in these lists, as well as some beautiful French, Danish, Spanish, Icelandic, Latin and biblical names that are currently popular or on the rise in the Netherlands.


Lex & Sam
Mees & Vos
Boet & Boris
Onne & Vic
Mats & Morris
Ole & Beau
Justen & Servaas
Levis & Louie
Otis & Max
Maas & Felix
Cooper & Dex
Sky & Lennox
Tijn & Otto
Elias & Orlando
Kit & Rocco
Gijs & Daan
Bing & Lewis
Hugo & Manuel
Calvin & Julius
Kay & Alix
Luc & Noël
Boaz & Benjamin
Robin & Mika
Cas & Kobe
Olivier & Reinier
Guy & Sylvain


Mila & Liva
Tex & Bobbie
Isabel & Zará
Bella & Gwen
Zoë & Elfie
Liv & Lou
Lara & Elin
Evi & Saar
Fenne & Carly
Julia & Chanel
Linde & Laurie
Tess & Lynn
Doris & Kate
Fay & Piper
Julie & Nina
Vera & Merle
Amélie & Esmee
Jette & Juna
Josefien & Lisa
Stella & Flore
Noor & Clara
Lea & Bodil
Penny & Teddy
May & Josie
Leen & Marie
Lauren & Jasmijn
Anna & Joolz


Levi & Noa
Floris & Olivia
Kik & Pippa
Ferre & Sara
Sid & Ava
Joep & Veerle
Owen & Georgie
Loek & Anne
Tom & Kaat
Valentijn & Ella
Per & Frida
Jonathan & Emilie
Ted & Charlie
Jazz & Chloë
Mik & Lily
Willem & Coco
Faber & Nova
Maxime & Silvi
Quinten & Camilla
Tommy & Lexie
Bob & Tessa
Niels & Juno
Lev & Desi
Harvey & Skylar
Jack & Ruby
Teun & Roxane
Moos & Matilde

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Janneke Jonkman

Janneke is the face behind My Little Dutch Diary and writer of the Dutch twin book 'O jee, het zijn er twee'. 


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